How do I move a program to another view?

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Placement in subtle is strict and completely done via tagging. There are many ways to change tags per runtime, common is to use either subtler or subtlext.


subtler can be used on the commandline:

Numbers: on /off1 subtler -ta tag         #< Add new tag 'tag'
2 subtler -cT client tag  #< Tag client 'client' with tag 'tag'
3 subtler -vT view tag    #< Tag view 'view' with tag 'tag'


subtlext requires basic ruby knowledge:

Numbers: on /off1 require "subtle/subtlext" 
3 tag = Subtlext::Tag.new("tag").save  #< Add new tag 'tag'
4 Subtlext::Client["client"] + "tag"   #< Tag client 'client' with tag 'tag'
5 Subtlext::View["view"] + "tag"       #< Tag view 'view' with tag 'tag'


The snippets wiki page includes examples how to move to another view.



subtle-contrib contains vitag a script to change the tags of windows and views with an editor.


The launcher uses quite the opposite way, instead of moving a window to a certain screen it just provides a way to launch a window directly on the right view with the correct tags.


Most of the time, setting the window to stick does the trick too. Stick just displays the window on all views until the mode is disabled again. This can be done with grabs (default keys: W-s) or with subtler. (click on the window: subtler -cXS)

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