Where is the output window of flash in fullscreen?

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For flash, browsers seem to use window instance and class names that doesn't match the browser values. Therefore the windows will usually appear on the default view.

Following names are currently in use:

Firefox <7.0.1 all <unknown> "<unknown>", "<unknown>"
Firefox >=7.0.1 all plugin-container "plugin-container", "Plugin-container"
Chromium all exe "exe", "Exe"
Opera x86 "operapluginwrapper" "operapluginwrapper", "Operapluginwrapper"
nspluginwrapper x86_64 "npviewer.bin" "Npviewer.bin"

The easiest way to avoid that is to add a tag that makes these windows sticky:

Numbers: on /off1 tag "flash" do
2   match "<unknown>|plugin-container|exe|operapluginwrapper|npviewer.bin" 
3   stick true
4 end

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