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Christoph Kappel, 2011-03-14 19:50


Contrib is just a collection of scripts for subtle, currently there is no package available and you need to clone the repository to a place you are comfortable with:

hg clone http://hg.subforge.org/subtle-contrib

These scripts may work, if you encounter any problems please ask in the usual places.

Following scripts are currently inside of contrib:

Name Description
Graviton Graviton is a helper to create custom gravities visually
Launcher Launcher that combines modes/tagging of subtle with a browser search bar.
Merger Merge tags of current and selected views temporarily.
Positioner Tag views for client based on view name
Selector Client selector that works like the subscription selector in Google Reader
Styler Helper to create or change subtle color themes.
Vitag Vitag is a helper to edit window/view tagging with any editor ($EDITOR)