Urgent on highlight

Added by Christoph Kappel over 5 years ago

I seldom have my irssi urxvt not on a current view, but whenever this happens, a notice about any highlight would be welcome. This can be done with only a few steps:

  1. Launch the irssi urxvt with −urgentOnBell
  2. In case screen is used enable audible bells with ^A^G
  3. Set following values in irssi:
    Numbers: on /off/set beep_when_window_active ON
    /set beep_when_away ON
    /set beep_msg_level MSGS NOTICES DCC DCCMSGS HILIGHT
    /set bell_beeps ON

This basically tells irssi to send a (alarm) on highlights. Then on such an alarm, urxvt sets the urgency hint and the window manager, if it supports urgency at all, will try to inform you about that.

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