Ingate offers 55 free vserver (1 comment)

Added by Christoph Kappel almost 7 years ago

I just discovered this on a blog of a friend, sorry it's a german blog and therefore a german company: Wir verschenken 55 VServer!

Actually I never heared anything about this company, but this offer is just unique. The prices sound solid and we will see who gets a server. Whenever I am that lucky to be one of the 55 and I will report about the overall experience with it too.

The vserver (VServer Basic) itself has following stats:

  • 5GB disk space (RAID1)
  • 200MB RAM (min)
  • 200MB Swap
  • Traffic flatrate
  • Full root-access over ssh
  • IP-Addresses (RIPE)

Edit: I am currently setting it up as another buildhost for subforge.

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