Added by Hans de Graafff 2 months ago

I really like Subtle but a easy question, how can I remove it? I build it bij my own and installed it with rake install.


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RE: Uninstall - Added by Christoph Kappel 2 months ago


I just added an uninstall task for rake, but you need r2451 in order for this. Just update (hg pull -u) and run rake uninstall, this will remove all installed files.

Another option is to remove all files manually, but it's a bit tricky to check the ruby install paths.

Numbers: on /off 1 rm -rf /etc/xdg/subtle
 2 rm -rf /usr/bin/subtle
 3 rm -rf /usr/bin/subtler
 4 rm -rf /usr/bin/sur
 5 rm -rf /usr/bin/surserver
 6 rm -rf /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/*/subtle
 7 rm -rf /usr/share/subtle
 8 rm -rf /usr/share/man1/subtle.1*
 9 rm -rf /usr/share/man1/subtler.1*
10 rm -rf /usr/share/man1/subtlext.1*
11 rm -rf /usr/share/man1/sur.1*
12 rm -rf /usr/share/man1/surserver.1*