Bug #241

floating windows are not kept on top.

Added by Rasmus Steinke almost 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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Maybe this behavior is desired, but i find it highly uncomfortable.

Example: I watch an episode of some series and do some work in terminals at the same time. So i make my mplayer window sticky and floating and work in my terminals.
Problem is, as soon as i have a terminal and mplayer occupying the same space, mplayer will not be kept on top of it.

Reproducable like this: open some app and a floating app above it. now simply use mod+cursor keys to switch between those windows. This only seems to happen when changing windows with keyboard. Hovering the normal window with the mouse, or even clicking it, has no effect on the floating window.

Result: floating window will move behind the normal window when the latter receives focus.
Wanted behavior: floating window should stay on top, regardless of focus.

Maybe there should be a seperate option that one can set on his/her floating windows to make them stay on top.

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