Bug #282

Grab involving <B4> to <B7>

Added by Daniel Nägele about 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

Status: Confirmed Start date: 2012-02-20
Priority: Normal Due date:
Assignee: Christoph Kappel % Done:


Category: Bugfix
Target version: Omicron
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The grabs <W-B4> and <W-B5> (:ViewPrev and :ViewNext) only work when the mouse is currently above a window, they won't work when hovering over the root window. This is an issue only present in the version developer snapshot, but not in the version packaged by Archlinux.

In any version I have tested, mouse <B6> and <B7> (and probably higher) fail to be recognized by subtle while other WMs, applications recognize them well (i.e. it is not an issue of the Xserver)


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After looking at the code I can confirm that :ViewPrev and :ViewNext don't work on the root window, that is due to the rewrite of the screen selection since multiple monitors just don't exist. Going to fix that today.

The mouse button thing is something I cannot test due to lack of a mouse with so many buttons. Technically it should work and it did the last time I had a ticket like that.

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