subtle: subtle isn't dead yet! (1 comment)

Added by Christoph Kappel about 3 years ago


if anyone noticed, I couldn't make it to this year's FrOSCon, I rather spent the time sick in bed, so I hope you enjoyed it even without a [[subtle]] booth.

I took quite a long break from development, toying around with some Android ideas and dealing with some nasty project deadlines. Nevertheless, the project isn't dead yet, I actively use it daily and I am still very pleased and still want to go on.

There are some features that currently aren't pushed like virtual screen splitting, but I am eager to make them available once I finished the styling thing I have in my mind.

So be patient with me.

subtle: Spawn now belongs to Subtlext::Client

Added by Christoph Kappel almost 4 years ago

TL;DR: I moved the .spawn method to the clients module so update [[subtle]] AND subtle-contrib

Previously the .spawn method belonged to Subtlext::Subtle, which was fine until I changed it to return a valid [[clients|client]] object that is backed with some light event caching to make it useful for e.g. the launcher. Since it returns a real object I think it should belong to Subtlext::Client, end of story.

Edit: This change also breaks the [[snippets#Scratchpad|scratchpad]] snippet, so make sure to change Subtlext::Subtle.spawn to Subtlext::Client.spawn in your config.

subtle: Tags with logic

Added by Christoph Kappel over 4 years ago

Sometimes it can be pretty nasty to add [[tagging|tags]], when you just need something stupid to move a certain window to a [[views|view]]. That can be done with a loop, but that also adds lots of [[tagging|tags]] and there cannot be more than 32 of them.

An easy way to bypass this is to add logic to [[tagging|tags]] and act differently for certain [[clients]]. The latest version of [[subtle]] extends the [[tagging#Properties|properties]] with [[tagging#On_match|on_match]]. This can be used to add a Ruby proc to a [[tagging|tag]] that is called whenever the [[tagging|tag]] is applied.

The [[tagging#On_match|tagging page]] already contains a simple example, here is a more complex one that I use in my config to [[tagging|tag]] GIMP windows:

Old way:

 1 tag "gimp_image" do
 2   match    role: "gimp-image-window" 
 3   gravity  :gimp_image
 4 end
 6 tag "gimp_toolbox" do
 7   match    role: "gimp-toolbox$" 
 8   gravity  :gimp_toolbox
 9 end
11 tag "gimp_dock" do
12   match    role: "gimp-dock" 
13   gravity  :gimp_dock
14 end
16 tag "gimp_scum" do
17   match role: "gimp-.*|screenshot" 
18 end

New way:

1 tag "gimp" do
2   match role: "gimp-.*" 
4   on_match do |c|
5     c.gravity = ("gimp_" + c.role.split("-")[1]).to_sym
6   end
7 end

Both basically just sets the [[gravity]] of the matching [[clients|client]].

subtle: Visit us at the OpenRheinRuhr

Added by Christoph Kappel about 5 years ago

When you are located in Germany, live close to Oberhausen and have some spare time this weekend (12/13.11) visit us at our booth at the OpenRheinRuhr.

subtle: Finder in subtlext (1 comment)

Added by Christoph Kappel about 5 years ago

Finder in [[subtlext]] are used to select different kind of objects like one [[Clients|client]] or more [[clients]] based on different matching options. With the changes in r3104, #find and #[] always return an array regardless whether an object was found or not. If you need just one result use #first instead.

The changes require an update of subtle-contrib and the [[Snippets#Scratchpad|scratchpad snippet]]

subtle: Separator and styles revamped (3 comments)

Added by Christoph Kappel about 5 years ago

According to my plan, to combine styling options ultimately in the [[styles]] it is now time to move the separator. A nice side effect, is that this allows different separators for [[Styles#Views|views]], [[Styles#Sublets|sublets]] and the [[panel]] in case you ever wanted to do that.

Another change is the removal of the unoccupied style, it made no sense at all, TBH. Unoccupied [[views]] are just [[views]] and this is probably not worth a special state. Just make sure to think twice what values are inherited now and which one you need to overwrite. (Joy of inheritance)

TL;DR: You need to update your config, again. Move the separator config option to the [[Styles#Separator|separator style]] like this:

1 # Separator between sublets
2 set :separator, "|" 
4 # Style for separator
5 style :separator do
6   foreground  "#757575" 
7 end

1 # Style for separator
2 style :separator do
3   foreground  "#757575" 
4   separator   "|" 
5 end

Move the properties from the unoccupied [[styles|style]] to the [[Styles#Views|views style]]:

 1 # Style for the views
 2 style :views do
 4   # Style for the active views
 5   style :focus do
 6     foreground  "#fecf35" 
 7   end
 9   # Style for urgent window titles and views
10   style :urgent do
11     foreground  "#ff9800" 
12   end
14   # Style for occupied views (views with clients)
15   style :occupied do
16     foreground  "#b8b8b8" 
17   end
19   # Style for unoccupied views (views without clients)
20   style :unoccupied do
21     foreground  "#757575" 
22   end
23 end

 1 # Style for the views
 2 style :views do
 3   foreground  "#757575" 
 5   # Style for the active views
 6   style :focus do
 7     foreground  "#fecf35" 
 8   end
10   # Style for urgent window titles and views
11   style :urgent do
12     foreground  "#ff9800" 
13   end
15   # Style for occupied views (views with clients)
16   style :occupied do
17     foreground  "#b8b8b8" 
18   end
19 end

The separator option and the unoccupied style have been removed check for deprecation warnings

subtle: Visible views

Added by Christoph Kappel about 5 years ago

During my time at the FrOSCon I had problems with [[multihead]] and [[views]], because I couldn't see both [[Multihead|screens]] at the same time.

Therefore, r3023 adds a new optional style to highlight visible [[views]]. This [[Styles|style]] defines additional values, that are assigned on top of the current [[Styles|style]] values like [[Styles#Occupied|:occupied]]. I also changed the [[Styles#Urgent|:urgent]] [[Styles|style]] to behave similar.

I removed the deprecated [[Styles|style]] syntax so check your config!

subtle: Visit us at the FrOSCon

Added by Christoph Kappel about 5 years ago

This year we are going to have a [[subtle]] booth at the FrOSCon. I am not actually sure what I want to present there or what I want to talk about, but we have a booth.

So if you are around - visit us.

subtle: Updated stacking and gravity tiling

Added by Christoph Kappel over 5 years ago

In case you haven't noticed yet, I rewrote the [[Clients#Stacking|stacking]] code of [[subtle]] in r2986. It now keeps the windows on their stacking level and raise/lower just modifies the position on that layer.

[[Clients#Stacking|Read more about stacking here.]]

And the second probably unoticed change is the addition of a more flexbile way to enable [[Gravity#Tiling|gravity tiling]]. Instead of just enabling it globally this can be a) done per [[gravity]] now and b) either horizontally or vertically.

[[Gravity#Tiling|Read more about gravity tiling here.]]

subtle: Styles revisited

Added by Christoph Kappel over 5 years ago

I did it again, [[Styles]] have changed slightly. This time without any breakage of existing configs, just expect some deprecation warnings and adopt your configs over the next weeks.

Why more changes?

The [[Styles|styles]] are a bit odd, there are some real classes and some other are mere states of a existing class. Yes, I am talking about the view styles. We have :focus, :occupied, :unoccupied and :urgent: Each inherits from :views and :views from :all and makes no sense as standalone [[Styles|style]]. So what we really need is a way to define nested [[Styles|styles]].

Also the foreground, background, text_fg and icon_fg config option mess requires a sane solution with [[Styles|styles]].

What has changed?

[[Styles]] can contain [[Styles#Substyles|substyles]] and have a new property now, the [[Styles#Icon|icon]] property to set the color of icons in [[Panel|panel]] items using this specific [[Styles|style]].

When there is a matching [[Styles|style]] with the name of the [[Sublets]] it uses the [[Styles|style]] and allows to style each [[Sublets|sublet]] individually.

Subtle::Sublet, Subtlext::View and Subtlext::Sublet have a #style= method to set these [[Styles|styles]].

Long story short

Overall the extended use of [[Styles|styles]] may look more complex but allows the usage of all [[Styles#Properties|properties]].

What Before Since 2979
Nested styles
 1 style :focus do
 2   foreground "#fecf35" 
 3   background "#202020" 
 4 end
 6 style :urgent do
 7   foreground "#ff9800" 
 8   background "#202020" 
 9 end
 1 style :views do
 2   background "#202020" 
 4   style :focus do
 5     foreground "#fecf35" 
 6   end
 8   style :urgent do
 9     foreground "#ff9800" 
10   end
11 end
Styles for [[Sublets|sublets]]
1 sublet :clock do
2   interval   30
3   foreground "#ff9800" 
4   icon_fg    "#777777" 
5 end
 1 style :sublets do
 2   style :clock do
 3     foreground "#ff9800" 
 4     icon       "#777777" 
 5   end
 6 end
 8 sublet :clock do
 9   interval   30
10 end
Update [[Sublets|sublet]] colors
1 Subtlext::Sublet[0].foreground = "#ff0000"
 1 # Config
 2 style :sublets do
 3   style :test1 do
 4     foreground "#ff0000" 
 5   end
 7   style :test2 do
 8     foreground "#ff0000" 
 9   end
10 end
12 # Code
13 Subtlext::Sublet[0].style = :test1

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