Colors gone, welcome styles!

Replaced old color system by a more thorough style system.
Added by Christoph Kappel over 4 years ago

Over time more and more config options were added and complex panel settings required often quirks or even setting names were misleading. Starting with r2786 the old color system is completely replaced by CSS-like styles. With the new styles it is possible to set borders, padding and margins individually for each panel item. The styles wikipage shows a list of all properties and styleable items.

Some of the settings were renamed to style properties, following table shows the changes:

Old setting New style property
:gap Client margin
:border Client active/inactive
:strut Subtle padding
:outline Border property
:padding Padding property

The migration script helps with adapting an existing config to the new format.

Update: In r2800 I removed the forced 3px spacing on the left and right side of each panel item. You can easily update the padding options if you need it back. This was necessary to provide coherent spacing.