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What is subtle?\015\012\015\012subtle is a manual tiling window manager with a rather uncommon approach of tiling: Per default there is no typical layout enforcement, windows are placed on a position (gravity) in a custom grid. The user can change the gravity of each window either directly per grabs or with rules defined by tags in the config.\015\012\015\012Windows are visible on views - the virtual desktops in subtle - that have at least one tag in common.\015\012\015\012h2. Features\015\012\015\012* Builtin system tray\015\012* Extendable panel (see sublets)\015\012* Customizeable key/mouse actions (see grabs)\015\012* Scriptable with Ruby (see rdoc and subtlext)\015\012* Commandline client (see subtler)\015\012* Window tagging\015\012* EWMH / ICCCM / XDG compliant\015\012* Xinerama / XRandr support\015\012\015\012h2. Where to start?\015\012\015\012{{column(:start)}}\015\012\015\012* Installing subtle\015\012* Using subtle\015\012* Using sublets\015\012* Themes\015\012\015\012{{column(:mid)}}\015\012\015\012* Understanding tagging\015\012* Understanding gravity\015\012* Customizing panel\015\012* Configuring keys\015\012* Hooking events\015\012\015\012{{column(:mid)}}\015\012\015\012* Hacking subtle\015\012* Scripting\015\012* Snippets\015\012* FAQ. Contribute\015\012\015\012In case you want to help but don't know how, please help with some documentation and improve the wiki or make a donation. Patches, suggestions and open discussions are always welcome.\015\012\015\012Unfinished pages:\015\012\015\012* Usage\015\012* Sublets\015\012* Tagging\015\012* Gravity\015\012* Scripting\015\012\015\012h2. Problems?\015\012\015\012* Join #subtle on (IRC)\015\012* Use the bugtracker* Ask in the forum* Drop a mail to unexist at dorfelite dot net\015\012\015\012h2. Read more\015\012\015\012Ohloh, Rubyforge, Freshmeat, Sourceforge, Archlinux Wiki, Archlinux Forum, Gentoo Forum