Subtler is a commandline tool that allows interacting with a EWMH/NetWM compatible window manager and especially with subtle from a shell.


Matching works either via plaintext, regex (see regex), id or window id if applicable. If a pattern matches more than once ALL matches are used.

If the PATTERN is - subtler will read from stdin.


Client listing:  <window id> [-*] <view id> <geometry> <gravity> <screen> <flags> <instance name> (<class name>)
Gravity listing: <gravity id> <geometry>
Screen listing:  <screen id> <geometry>
Tag listing:     <tag name>
Tray listing:    <window id> <instance name> (<class name>)
View listing:    <window id> [-*] <view id> <view name>


subtler -c -l                List all clients
subtler -t -a subtle         Add new tag 'subtle'
subtler -v subtle -T rocks   Tag view 'subtle' with tag 'rocks'
subtler -c xterm -G          Show tags of client 'xterm'
subtler -c -x -f             Select client and show info
subtler -c -C -y 5           Set gravity 5 to current active client
subtler -t -f term           Show every client/view tagged with 'term'

For a complete list of commands please have a look at subtler --help.