Views are the virtual desktops in subtle and they display matching clients based on tags. In comparison to the matching in tags, views match tag names.

There are two ways to define a view in the config:


The simple way just needs a name and a regular expression (see regex) to create a view:

1 view "view", "tag"


Like tags, views can have additionally properties to set a different mode or even add an icon.

Numbers: on /off1 view "view" do
2   match   "xterm|[u]?rxvt" 
3   gravity :center
4 end


The default view can either be set by adding the default tag to a view by choice or otherwise the first defined view is chosen automatically.


Following properties exist:


This property add an icon to the view name in the panel.


Numbers: on /off1 view "terms" do
2   match "urxvt" 
3   icon  "/usr/share/icons/icon.xbm" 
4 end

You can also pass a Subtlext::Icon object to icon instead of a path.


This property hides the view name from the panel when an icon is used.


Numbers: on /off1 view "terms" do
2   icon      "/usr/share/icons/icon.xbm" 
3   icon_only true
4 end


This property hides views that aren't occupied by clients from the panel.


Numbers: on /off1 view "terms" do
2   dynamic true
3 end

subtle doesn't change the numbering of the views that means when there are three views and the second is dynamic the third is still the third.


This property works like the simple tag matching, but matches tag names instead of actual client properties.

Numbers: on /off1 view "terms" do
2   match   "urxvt" 
3 end