Mouse Jumping

Added by Dicksmash McIroncock almost 5 years ago

I know this has been asked before, but I find the jumping of the coursor when opening a new window very distracting. I can see the logic behind it and while it is probably a good idea for 'real' windows, it seems somewhat awkward for little config dialogs and such. I really would welcome the mouse not jumping when the WM_CLASS (or something else, I have not really into these matters yet) does not change, or at least an option to disable the jumping mouse as a whole.

Otherwise a perfect match for my windowmanager needs, thank you for your work.

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RE: Mouse Jumping - Added by Christoph Kappel almost 5 years ago


that depends on your config and the version of subtle you are using and the if the dialog window is e.g. urgent. There are some options in the config (latest devel) to control this:

set :urgent_dialogs, false Make all dialog windows urgent and that means subtle moves the pointer to this window
set :skip_urgent_warp, false Skip pointer movement of urgent windows at all